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Why go solar?

Renewable is the future of energy.
Roof top solar energy has become a lot cheaper and cleaner than the energy produced from non-renewable ones and can help you save lakhs and even crores depending on the system capacity once deployed. Why to pay your bills for ever inflating already higher rates when we can get it for less than INR 2 in a medium to long run. Say hi to Team Sunstream and have an answer to all your queries for no cost and free quotation.

Solar benefits

A few benefits and financial models !
  • Utilization of unused roof top space into energy producing unit.
  • Huge tax benefits with accelerated depreciation.
  • ROI on solar rooftop systems is less than 4 years.
  • Sell your extra produced electricity to Distribution Company through net metering concept.
  • Negligible operations and maintenance expenses.
  • Making our planet a better place to live with clean energy supply.

How to get solarized?

Getting your site solarized is as easy as picking up a phone and connecting with our team online/offline. Get all your queries related to policy matters and schemes answered with a free site feasibility report.


  • Under this model clients uses their own funds to install the generation unit.
  • One time investment which would get recovered in less than 4 years and free energy for coming 20 years.
  • Loans through banks, NBFC or any other financial institutions.


  • Under this model, 100% investment in the generation unit is done by an investor who then produces cheaper electricity bills for you in coming 25 years.
  • There is no need for client to invest any money.

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