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How it works !!

Information relating to the solar power plant

We provide you with all the information you need in understanding how solar energy can help you in reducing your energy bills and how much of it is fit for you. We take into consideration all the government policies and energy bill classifications before giving a final word on system ROI with optimal performance. It is a medium to long term investment and we make sure that you make most out of it.

Selection of Solar Power Plant

Not every site is fit for solar and not all your investments might get best possible returns. We help you out in gathering requirements, doing site surveys, providing best structural and technology solutions, hence helping you out in selection of the best possible choice of all solar PV systems available in the market.

Installation of solar power plant

Once we have the solar installation approval in hand, we install the solar power plant in your premises and stay with you till solar net meter is commissioned at site. If you want, you can choose our maintenance service offer, sit back and relax for coming years.

Approvals and documentation for solar power plant

We coordinate with your power company for getting a net-metering agreement signed so that excess power could be sent back when not in use.

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